About Goldbohm Export B.V.

Dhr. A. Goldbohm

Goldbohm Export was founded in 1924 by Mr. A. Goldbohm (see photo) and is established in IJmuiden on the Zandvoortstraat 77. Goldbohm Export B.V. has been known for years for its assortment of fresh fish, optimal freshness, quality, fast delivery times and competitive price-quality relationship.

Goldbohm Export B.V. has offices and a production area near the Fish Auction Hall in IJmuiden. The building and the production area conform to the highest requirements demanded by the EC. The approval number is 7598.

Nature and the Environment

Goldbohm Export attaches great value to renewable fishing which leads to healthy fish stock in all the world seas. Fish is healthy, but must also be renewable and pure as much as possible. That is why we guarantee that the fish we supply contain no additives, whatever the sort of fish. Fish from Goldbohm are pure nature and contains many high quality proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Polyunsatrurated fatty acids can almost only be found in fish ( Omega -3 or N3). These fats can decrease the chance of a heart attack.

100 % fish


Goldbohm Export B.V.
Zandvoortstraat 77
1976 BN IJmuiden

Tel. +31 (0)255 53 75 54
Fax. +31 (0)255 52 04 66
E-mail: info@goldbohm.nl

VAT No. NL800480892.B01
Coc. 34097072